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What is Digibyte?

DigiByte is a complete blockchain network based on three different layers. The top layer is for smart contracts, decentralized applications, and customizable tokens. The middle layer is the public ledger where the DigitByte native coin can move throughout the network and serve as its base asset. The bottom layer is the core infrastructure of the system and includes the decentralized nodes, the client software, and the communication between each.

What is Digibyte Faucet

A website on which the user can receive bitcoins or altcoins at certain time intervals. Such resources are made available by advertisers (through banners, videos etc.). These sites are usually free to access, although they may require you to register an email address. On some of these sites, it’s enough to simply click on the link, while on others; you may have to perform a simple task such as filling a captcha. After a certain amount of time (generally about 2 minutes), a field will appear where you can enter the number of your BTC-wallet, which will then be credited with Satoshi (a subunit of bitcoin).

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